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Little Busters! CE! Project update 12-01-2014

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Updates zu Little Busters! CE!


Hello everyone!

Due to christmas & new year,  available time to work on the project has been limited.

Current update is:  Refrain, play with masato scenes & half of Haruka’s route is now complete. Also there has been a ton of bug fixes.

Whats left? (assumption)


Kud’s route

Kurugaya’s route

Last half of Haruka’s route

Mio Nishizono’s route

Also, if anyone owns a PSP Vita & Little Busters! CE! for Vita, I would be grateful if they would help by answering a few questions.

You may contact me by my spam mail (I’ll keep a look out for a mail with the subject „Vita help“, so remember to include that subject) :

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