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Yandere English Release

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Yandere Englisch Patch ist draußen. Wird dann wohl mein übernächstes😀

Dark Eye Translations



Get Yandere. I don’t care how, but it’d be nice if you could purchase it. Just go to ( if you’d like to purchase it. It’s 20 bucks. Seriously, come on, that isn’t a lot.

Once you’ve gotten the game, install it. IMPORTANT: Make sure your computer is in Japanese locale before you do so. It would also help if your computer was in Japanese locale when you play the game. I’m not sure if Applocale works, but I’d make sure you were in Japanese locale to keep on the safe side.

Once you’ve installed it, make sure you have a fire-proof blanket and fire extinguisher on hand for when you spontaneously combust. Don’t worry, it happens to all of us.

Finally, replace „data.xp3“ in the installation folder with the „data.xp3“ in this .zip. That should be all you need.

If you’ve already installed the…

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